A romantic man who loves dancing & the arts and travelling in winter.

I have never been one to say much about myself. I am employed & I earn a good income. I have a condominium a great music collection and a great film collection . I like eating healthy and I love to fly and travel. My favourite season is summer . My favourite foods are German , Italian & Chinese .

I am 60-65(ish) and I prefer to date people in the 50-60(ish) range.

I live in the city of Newmarket and I am interested in a romantic woman that lives within 50km of where I live. I would like a partner who enjoys simple fun at home , being romantic & earns a decent income.

I think marriage is important but not essential. I have no children living with me but I have a son in Montreal..

I would say I had a great childhood.

My goal with this profile is seeing who else is out there.

The person I am seeking is best described as romantic woman who is semi-retired and who also enjoys traveling.