Own a piece of Mexico at a fraction of the price


Significant trends in leisure experiences and recreational property development are beginning to emerge in anticipation of the seven million Canadians, and another 70 million Americans, who will transition into retirement over the next 20 years.

As Baby Boomers age, increasing numbers will reach that threshold of sufficient time and sufficient resources to enable them to participate in recreational real estate. Although the particular retirement pursuits and experiences will vary greatly across the population, one specific emerging trend is the growing popularity of fractional real estate ownership.

The broad appeal of fractional real estate is found in its unique, and deceptively simple, value proposition: Consumers buy only a portion of a recreational property that corresponds to the amount of intended use.

This model of ownership is especially appealing to those that want to have periodic leisure experiences, but cannot justify the potentially high purchase price, ongoing maintenance costs, and potential management hassle for real estate that they will ultimately use for only part of the year. As well, fractional ownership provides the opportunity for investors to divide their limited resources among a variety of different properties in different locations.

By allowing for the highly efficient allocation of resources, fractional ownership is an extremely practical approach to both the leisure and investment aspects of recreational real estate.

Moreover, with the creative efforts of companies like Mexican Vacation Properties, fractional ownership is proving to offer as much value to the pleasure-seeker as to the pragmatist. Calgary-based Mexican Vacation Properties (MVP) is developing three different and distinct recreational properties to offer the widest range of superb leisure experiences, with the maximum amount of flexibility, and at affordable prices.

Each development location was selected based upon its own unique qualities and attractions.

MVP’s Tres Marias project, for example, features executive style homes on a PGA Championship Golf Course. One of Mexico’s most renowned – and most challenging – courses, Tres Marias sports 18 Jack Nicklaus Signature holes, as well as a world-class club house and spa facility.

Tres Marias, is located in the Central Mexican state of Michoacan, adjacent to the city of Morelia and is only 283 kilometres from Mexico City. Morelia was named a UNESCO Architectural World Heritage Site in 1991, and is perhaps best known as the destination of the migrating monarch butterfly.

A second MVP development is Antigua, located in the colonial jewel, San Miguel de Allende. Often called “The Heart of Mexico,” San Miguel is known for its cultural celebrations and fiestas, as well as its history and architectural beauty, perhaps accounting for its reputation as a draw and inspiration for artists from around the world.

Antigua is located within the city’s central district, and is a short stroll away from the cobble-stoned streets of the plaza and ancient cathedral – perhaps Mexico’s most spectacular. With San Miguel as its muse, the development features a mix of attached townhouses and condos enlivened by the colours and styles of the traditional Mexican esthetic.

The third MVP project, Marina Vista, is located in one of Mexico’s famous ocean playgrounds – Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. As the name suggests, Marina Vista, is nestled on the gentle slopes of a private community with panoramic views of the marina and Pacific Ocean. The development features a number of resort-style, stacked condo buildings to get the maximum benefit from these remarkable views.

While owners will enjoy leisurely days at the private pools, beach, and club house, the nights will likely be spent in pursuit of a different kind of fun – discovering Ixtapa’s assortment of excellent cafes, restaurants and lively night clubs.


By simultaneously offering three very different projects, MVP is able to provide their clients with the ability to combine the offerings to create a highly personalized leisure experience. With ownership periods of as little as two weeks, clients can mix, match and even swap their positions in the various properties depending upon the kind of activity or adventure they may find most enticing at the time.

Since the various amenities and attractions are already built and operational, the guests can experience the facilities in advance. As well, through the economies of scale associated with fractional ownership, a property management team is used to maintain the facilities and organize its use. All this provides the owner with a worry-and-hassle-free participation in an exceptional portfolio of foreign real estate.

As an investment, MVP’s projects provide two opportunities for return. First, each fraction can be rented out at the discretion of the owner. Depending upon the project and time of year, fractions will fetch from hundreds to thousands of dollars per week. Moreover, as purchasers can participate at early stages of construction – with as little as $25,000 – a “bump” in value is expected that will be realized in the future (along with anticipated market-driven growth) should the owner decide to sell.

Through this unique combination of choice, flexibility, one-of-a-kind properties, management, and price, Mexican Vacation Properties has come to represent the pinnacle of fractional ownership development and the logical “next step” in the industry’s evolution.

Learn more at www.mexicanvp.com.mx or by calling 1-866-372-8681.

Rod Burylo is an international speaker, business author, and 2004 Advisor of the Year Award winner specializing in international retirement trends.