Great decor for the garden

Want the latest garden decor without having to break the bank? Here are a few ideas.

Water features
What is more soothing than the sound of flowing water? Add a sense of tranquility to your outdoor space with a water feature. You can purchase garden fountains or pond kits from stores such as Rona, Canadian Tire or Homesense.

Or if you’re feeling inspired, you can create your own water feature with a few simple tools, a small incline, a pump, a liner and a pile of rocks. Learn more at

Planter boxes
Planter boxes not only look beautiful, but they’re easy to maintain. And because they’re mobile, they provide some flexibility should you decide to re-arrange your terrace or garden. Most planter boxes also have an adjustable bottom, allowing you to choose the size of the pot you wish to put inside.

While readily available at local garden centres, planters are relatively easy to build. To see examples of different styles, click here.

Chic garden furniture
Bring the comfort and style of your living room to your outdoor space. Look for comfortable pillows and cushions that are easily brought inside during inclement weather. Chic and in many cases, relatively inexpensive garden furniture is available at retailers such as IKEA and Homesense.

Landscape lighting
Enjoy your garden or outdoor space at any time of day without worrying about fading light. From table lamps to floodlights, you can choose from a wide range of outdoor lighting options. For ideas, click here.

Outdoor fireplaces
Firepits and Chimineas are an increasingly popular way to add warmth and style your ‘outdoor room’. Adding a bit of flare and fire to your yard is also a great way to stay toasty on chilly late summer nights. They are also great for cottages as an alternative to making own home-made fire pit.

Available at

Park benches
Benches not only add a distinctive accent to your outdoor space, but they can be practical too. Look for benches that come with storage space for gardening equipment, toys, hoses and much more. Some benches even have built-in coolers that can be used to store drinks when you are entertaining.

Check out a variety of styles at or

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