Achieve more, stress less

Online education courses are often more challenging than those offered in a traditional setting because students work independently; therefore, the student has far greater responsibility for their own learning. Online courses require students to be well organized, self-motivated, and able to manage time efficiently.

Organization means having structure and routine within your daily tasks. Being and staying organized in school can be a major challenge, especially for students to whom organization doesn’t come naturally. Online courses can produce deadlines and demands that you may not be used to but a little organization can reduce your stress and help you be more productive.

Keeping motivated and staying on track for the duration of your studies is one of the biggest obstacles faced by students of online courses. Being motivated to achieve something because of one’s own enthusiasm or interest is important but a positive attitude and encouragement from your instructors and your peers can go a long way too!

Time is a unique resource, everyone has the same amount of time per day and everyone has the potential to take control of their time and use it more efficiently. Students, in particular, encounter various situations in which time management skills are essential such as balancing school work with family and career, managing time spent on assignments, projects and studying, and knowing how to use time when completing tests and exams. Once you have an idea of how you use your time you may be able to discontinue certain tasks, delegate others, and find ways to increase efficiency through technology, new procedures, or personal work habits.

8 tips to achieve more and stress less

Analyzing, your organizational skills, what motivates you, and how you presently use time are critical steps to your success in an online course. Here are some tips to achieve more and stress less:

•  Eliminate time-wasting habits.

•  Set priorities.

•  Establish routines.

•  Utilize management tools (a smart phone, a day timer, a calendar, a software program, etc.).

•  Maximize personal energy.

•  Ask for help.

•  Access student forums.

•  Keep a positive attitude.

Being organized, motivated, and able to properly manage your time will allow you to achieve more and stress less!

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