How to create a kitchen you can entertain in

What’s cooking in your kitchen?

The kitchen is already well established as the heart of the household, but that doesn’t mean it’s constrained to culinary activities and informal family meals.

As a kind of new home base for all kinds of social activity, the kitchen deserves fresh attention when it comes to entertaining. From bar tops and stools to an array of electronics to help you kick it up a notch, the one-time jurisdiction of the at-home chef is now open to any idea you can concoct.

See if the following suggestions get your imagination sizzling. A trio of starting points for any entertain-in kitchen:

Beyond the Breakfast Bar

Bringing friends into your kitchen can mean bellying up to a counter for noshing, but it can also be a place where you show off your shaker skills.

Slip behind Spacify’s textured dark walnut kitchen bar. Its cashew-shaped shelves are waiting to be stocked with your favorite libations, an understated and classy spot from which to treat everyone to a glass of cheer.

The best part is that it’s movable, so you needn’t convert your current breakfast nook into something that’s only for adult time.

More permanent ideas come from the Concrete Network, which prides itself not only on bringing high-end design to concrete, but also on helping consumers find the best concrete contractors throughout Canada.

Dinner and a Movie

Taking in supper and a show at home doesn’t mean you need to eat off of your lap in the living room or den. Switch to the modern kitchen counter (or bar) and indulge in a film and food in modern convenience and style.

Sure, there’s the old-school under-the-cabinet TV, but flat screens in the kitchen have come a long way, from freestanding to wall-mounted models. Check out Kitchen-TV-Review for a rundown of makes and features.

Music for the Master Chef

There are two main ways to wire your kitchen for sound: for ambiance and for entertainment.

In both scenarios, you’ll want small in-wall ceiling speakers, these being less likely to create certain spots around the room where the volume seems to spike.

For entertaining purposes, since you’ll want the volume to be louder than a purr, be careful not to place your speaker units over reflective surfaces (like that fancy new bar top!). The sound will bounce and impact conversation for those sitting or standing nearby. Also, cooking means humidity, so look for moisture-resistant units when you shop.

These are just three ideas among many. Have a redesign in mind that you’d like to share? Send along your concept of the entertain-in kitchen, and add more details to our list!

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