The Zoomer Report: Remarkable Career

So here it is. The latest advice on how to have a remarkable work career — in four easy steps. It’s from the pages of Psychology Today from leadership expert Dr. Ronald Riggio.

Step 1: Meaning. A great job is one that has meaning. It’s up to you to find the higher purpose of your work. Even mundane jobs like customer service can have a purpose like helping clients. If you can’t find the meaning in your current job, it may be time to look for a new one.

Step 2: Accomplishment. Take pride in your accomplishments, and celebrate them — whether it’s completing a report or closing a deal.

Step 3: Positive Relationships. Nothing can make a career more fulfilling than working with good people, and building strong and rewarding relationships with them. Riggio advises steering clear of the bad relationships — those that can make your job an ordeal, though sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Research clearly shows that relationships at work can be the greatest source of pleasure or the most tormenting source of pain and stress.

Step 4: Balance. A great career is one that allows time for family, friends, and the ability to pursue non-work-related interests. There are often tradeoffs like less money or a slower ride up the ladder. Riggio says you should consider what will make you happy, and the more you plan, make tough strategic career decisions, and work hard, the more remarkable your career will be.

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