Fantastic walk-in closets

Believe it or not, the closet is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s the place where you start and end your day. That said; eliminate the stress of digging through piles of shoes or struggling to find your favorite sweater by giving yourself a fantastic walk-in closet. Not only can a walk-in closet provide enough space to store your wardrobe in a clean, orderly and streamlined fashion, but just like any other room in your house, it can also be designed to reflect your personal style.

A classic his and hers design will nix any need to fight over who gets more space. Each side provides an equal amount of hanging and storage space, while the center island gives you plenty of drawers to store intimate apparel and accessories.

All-white shelving is a popular choice because it makes a walk-in closet immediately feel clean and organized. But it’s not the only option available. Up the glamour quotient of your closet by opting for shelving in rich woods like mahogany or walnut.

Typically a walk-in closet keeps clothes tucked away and hidden behind closed doors. However, if you love modern, minimalist decor and own a wardrobe you are dying to show off, install a walk-in closet with sliding glass doors.

Your walk-in closet doesn’t just have to be a place where you store clothes. If you have the space, outfit it with a sitting area, vanity or desk. A simple chair tucked to one side can provide a private place to gather your thoughts in the morning. While a love seat or a covered bench gives you an extra place to set out clothes.

Lighting is an important aspect to any walk-in closet. Don’t be afraid to get creative and let the lighting in your closet reflect the design aesthetic of your other rooms. You don’t have to stick to overhead or track lighting. Create a mood by hanging a pretty chandelier.

A large walk-in closet can be decorated like any other room in the house. Make your closet a comfortable space by adding luxury rugs and tables or floor lamps. Personalize the room with paintings or photos. If you have a center island or a vanity, add a little life to the room with a potted plant or a flower vase.

Just like any other space in your house, your walk-in should be a place you want to spend time in. However you decide to outfit your closet, remember it’s the little details that make a room.

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