7 ways to hate your job

Think your job sucks? What else can you do to make it even more draining, exhausting, and downright depressing? Check out ways to make your job even more terrible — and be inspired to move on to a new career.

Let Your Work Pile Up

Save the biggest and most difficult tasks for the end of the day. Don’t bother having an efficient schedule that will help you along the way. And by all means, don’t ever say NO to doing a job or assignment.

Let Your Boss Walk All Over You

It’s good to be walked all over. In fact, when we were little we wanted to grow up and be “Yes Men” and “Yes Women.” Keep it up. Standing up for yourself will only get you respect.

Avoid Hanging Out with Your Coworkers

Don’t try to spend quality time with your coworkers. Laughter, inside jokes, and camaraderie is highly discouraged because, really, you are only there to get the job done.

Be Rude to the Interns

Interns do more than get coffee and push papers. They can be incredibly helpful when that crucial deadline is around the corner. So please, establish poor working relationships with those that can really help get you out of a bind.

Don’t Talk About Your Frustrations

It’s best to suffer alone and quietly. Let your frustrations simmer and don’t bring it up with your coworkers or boss. Even better, this will help build tension in other areas of your life, such as your family and relationships.

Avoid Inspiring Desk Trinkets

Don’t put up family photos or knickknacks that you enjoy. The last thing your company needs is for you be highly productive because you are in an inspiring environment.

Stay in Your Chair. All Day

It’s best to get as little of physical activity throughout the day as you can. Stay put, and be sure to work through your lunch hour.

We hope you enjoyed these humorous tips, and that they inspired you to exchange your old routine for a more fulfilling career!

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