My Space: Robert Pashuk

The Calgary architect shows off his boardroom.


Some of Robert Pashuk’s Alberta clients often turn to him to source objects and decor items they might have seen on their international travels.

“They are becoming worldly city people,” he noted.

So much so, the Calgary-based architect decided to enter the retail fray and opened Pomp and Circumstance, a carefully curated shop of beautiful collectibles from around the globe.

Now, clients and the general public alike can browse this bright airy decor emporium, of which he is co-owner, and is housed in his design studio and offices. The two environments – boutique and architecture firm – blend harmoniously whereby several of the store’s items are used to decorate his work space.

We pay a visit to his boardroom where Pashuk talked about Pomp, paintings and his philosophy when it comes to design. (All items pictured above.)

1. “This table is made with Indian rosewood that was left over from another project. My firm is big on the philosophy of reusing and reclaiming. Our kitchen cabinets, dishwasher and light fixtures were all salvaged from another office.  I’m also for quality of space over quantity of space. I’d rather use quality materials rather than acres and acres of drywall. You can create some beautiful small spaces.”

2. “This painting is by Don Kottmann, a Canadian artist living in Calgary. It’s very gestural, graphic and evokes emotion. I find it’s helpful to have such a piece in a creative space. I’ll be very sad when it is sold.”

3. “This coat rack is from the Czech Republic and feels very sculptural. I once put three of these in a client’s meeting room and when they are standing in a row it looks like an art installation. Here, we use it to display another art piece by Don Kottmann.”