92-Year-Old Happy to Be Working at McDonald’s

92-year-old McDonald's Employee

The next time you complain about having to head into work at your age, keep this in mind: Sara Dappen is 92 years old and she’s still happy to report into job at her local McDonald’s.

The Story City, Iowa senior was born in 1920 and has worked at the fast food restaurant for the last five years. Her duties include wiping down tables and keeping the place tidy. When asked what her favourite part of the job was, she did not cite super-sized fries or free smiles, but instead said chatting with the customers.

“I thought it was more interesting to keep walking around here than to be walking up and down the street,” she told KCCI 8 TV news. “This keeps me from sitting,” she added.

Her co-workers are glad to have her on the team saying she has taught them better manners, while customers find her simply inspiring.

Here’s to the working (golden) girls out there!

Source: Daily Mail