Ladies’ Room: Sex & Style

Feelin’ hot

We know about hot flashes, but when desire brings on another kind of heat, decreased estrogen levels may cause vaginal dryness that makes intercourse uncomfortable. The answer: a hormone-free vaginal moisturizer, such as Zestica Moisture. Available in simple-to-use applicators, it has hyaluronic acid, a vaginal fluid ingredient that encourages water retention in the tissue.  —Jayne MacAulay


Keepin’ it cool

Spanner’s Essential bamboo underpinnings, which come in black or white tank and camisole styles, are made from sustainable tanboocel, a natural fibre derived from the bamboo plant. As the weather – or hot flashes – heats things up, the fabric, with its breathable, anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties, can help you keep your cool. From $30, find retailers across Canada at  —Vivian Vassos

Minty fresh

We hear a lot of “buzz” ingredients when it comes to vitamins and supplements. From free-radical chasing antioxidants to anti-aging coenzyme Q10 to the full gamut of B (1 through 12) vitamins that help convert carbs and fats to energy, these words and formulas have become a part of our health dictionary. But sometimes all those pills are a little hard to swallow.

Enter Vitamints, which forgo the chalky pill for the ease of taking a breath mint. With eight flavours – including specifically targeted mints such as Calm (de-stress your day), Immune (defence against colds with Zinc and vitamin C), and Focus (for concentration & memory) – they are loaded with the recommended daily doses of said “buzz” ingredients and then some and come in easy-to-carry tins. Plus they’re flavoured with peppermint so your breath stays fresh, too. $5 (60 per package) at most grocery retailers and drug stores;  —VV