Five Tips to Get Ready for Sex

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As Valerie Gibson says in her recent book The Later Dater, “Good sex on a regular basis is, after all, a most enjoyable bonding activity that relaxes, maintains flexibility, gives a healthy glow, helps keep you cheerful, possibly extends life, and is extremely beneficial for stable mental health and a positive outlook.”

Sounds like the fountain of youth to us.

If it looks like your new relationship is heading to the bedroom (or even it you’re looking to give an existing bond a little spark) Gibson gives these tips:

Wear your best underwear for the encounter and, if all you have is practical, plain, beige, built-for-comfort pants and bras, shop for items that are more colourful and more attractive, in a flattering, sexy design. Feeling sexy and confident underneath your clothes helps you feel the same outside them.

Invest in a lovely robe that may be a far cry from your warm, woolly, everyday standby. It will give you the same feeling as the pretty underwear and be most useful for that quick wrap-up afterwards.

Set the scene, if possible, with candlelight, glasses of wine, soft music, fresh sheets (if in your bedroom). Perhaps more seductive than practical, it’s obviously not always possible to set a scene when passion arises suddenly or you’re not in your own home.

If vaginal dryness is a concern, either apply some lubricant well before an expected sexual encounter or keep a small bottle or tube of it where you can reach it easily.

Realize that your male partner may have very similar worries himself about his body, his performance, and your pleasure.

Perhaps the biggest and best tip of all is to “relax and enjoy yourself…An anxious and nervous partner can dissipate passion both in you and in your companion and spoil a lovely moment.”

Click here for more information on The Later Dater – A Guide for The Newly Single woman Over 50 by Valerie Gibson.


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