Update: Widower Finds New Love Online And Gets Engaged

Last year we shared a touching story of a widower who decided to look for romance again after almost 50 years of not dating. 73-year-old Brendan Morris found a woman his age, Tokiko Lepik, who had also lost her spouse. We loved sharing this story that shows that happiness can happen when least expected. This morning we were thrilled to hear from Morris again. He and Lepik are engaged! Please read his note below:

On July 17th, 2013, I communicated with you and shared  a story of my meeting with a lady on a “dating site.”
You kindly selected this article to be published on the Zoomer website, which was a great honour for Tokiko and I. We received many positive comments from friends and family worldwide.
We would like to advise you of a sequel to our story.
Our liasion  developed into a very close, loving relationship, strongly approved by both our families, and on Easter Sunday April 20th, Tokiko and I announced our formal Engagement (Photo attached).
We plan to share our future life together in Burlington, (Tokiko was formally living in Newcastle Ont) much to the joy of our friends and family.
Perhaps this continuation might interest some Zoomer readers, who are contemplating similar steps.
Yours truly
Tokiko Lepik and Brendan Morris