‘You’re My Sweetheart’: 92-Year-Old Man Sings Love Song To Dying Wife

Howard, 92, and Laura, 93, are one of those couples that restores your faith in true love.

The pair have been married for 73 years. A few days ago, they captured the hearts of everyone on the Internet in this heart-breaking video posted to Facebook by the couple’s granddaughter, Erin Solari.

Laura, who was meant to spend her final days in hospice care, was being visited by her husband and family. “Moments before this video began, when Grandma heard that Grandpa was in the room, she asked if she could hold him. Grandpa cannot stand on his own, but he immediately pulled his wheelchair close to her bed ready to make it happen. My cousin, Serena, who is a physical therapist, helped him to his feet and held him up throughout the entire song,” wrote Solari, in her video description.

The couple serenades each other with the the song, “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James—a song Laura used to sing to Howard during World War II. Solari wrote, about the couple’s song choice, “At family gatherings, it was not uncommon for the two of them to sing this song together, each taking a verse and serenading the other. In fact, after fifty years of marriage, they renewed their vows and performed this song as a duet for the entire family at the reception. Sadly, Grandma is now too weak to sing, but that doesn’t stop her from saying the words to him. Howard then takes over for her and sings the rest of the song to her while stroking her face.”

Laura has macular degeneration, which means her vision has been reduced to shadows and light. Howard, on the other hand, has lost most of his hearing. However, this doesn’t stop the two from exchanging loving looks and making jokes as Howard strokes Laura’s face for almost the entire video.

Warning: This one is a tear-jerker.

Since the video was uploaded to Youtube, the outpouring of wonderful comments uplifted Laura’s spirit so much that she was deemed well enough by the people caring for her at the hospice to return to her home and spend her remaining days there, with her loving husband.