Let’s Get It On: Five Surprising Ways to Heat Up Your Relationship

from The Book of Love
The latest from therapist Dr. Laura Berman, The Book of Love, is an eclectic mix of relationship psychology, romance tips and suggestions for sexual intimacy, all geared towards stoking the flames of passion. But all this heat may make your inner prude blush. The guide is filled with graphic photographs of nude couples engaged in increasing their intimacy – though the folks with grey hair are usually clothed.
As fun as the pictures may be, Bergman’s tips for the long-term couple show that great sex really begins outside the bedroom.

1. Share and share alike by talking frequently about the big and small things
2. Relinquish the past. Bring up issues as they occur and put them behind you.
3. Seize the moment. The best time is now for that special gesture, vacation or even sex.
4. Ask for help. With the housework, with work stress, with sex problems.
5. Prioritize your love. Don’t take your relationship for granted.