Full Nest Again?

You were free! Free to play in your empty nest while your kids went off to explore the world on their own. As they explored, you and your spouse were able to explore as well, rebuilding a bond that might have been lost over the years while raising children. 

Well, they are back. Whether it’s because they’re finished with school or they are short on cash and crashing in your basement- they are back.

Don’t worry. Now that you are used to making time for each other you can keep the momentum going. Here are some tips on how to maintain the intimacy while the kids are home.

Be nostalgic:
– Go mini-putting for some good ol’ fashion fun.
– Or visit the drive-in for a cuddle in the back seat and a big bag of popcorn.

– Take a drive to a B&B in a small town nearby for a bit of an escape.
– Try a couple’s spa and enjoy a couple’s massage or quiet sauna.

Be active:
– Take some sexy salsa classes together.
– Give couples yoga a try, you’ll learn how to bend in all new ways-together.

– Tianna Robinson