Empty Nest? Full Sex Life!

You’ve unpacked the final cardboard box marked “linens”, given your best tips regarding food preparation and laundry and said your goodbyes. They are out of the house, you and your partner are feeling a little unsettled with the fact that your child will not be calling at 2 A.M. to apologize for missing their curfew or coming home with their slew of friends to clean out your fridge on a daily basis. You are an empty nester- it is true. You may take a moment to grieve…moment over.

It is healthy and normal to miss your children, but look on the bright side — no children in the house can potentially mean more sexy time for the two of you. Here’s how to get your groove back now that your sexcapades are no longer limited to the four-walls of your bedroom:

1. Make time for each other to get back into having a marriage that does not include discussing your child’s 2-week grounding. This can be as simple as just relaxing together on a Saturday afternoon and talking. Try to broaden the topic of conversation further than your son or daughter.

2. Snog. Sit on the sofa and neck like teenagers.

3.Reintroduce date night. Take a drive somewhere you have never been, and enjoy each other’s company. Book dinner in a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Go to a pub, or meet for a drink after work. Many spouses have to reconnect, as they have only known one another as “mom” or “dad” at least the past 18 years.

4. Pick up a Karma Sutra book at your local bookstore. Use liberally. And now that no one will come barging in, you can think about your dining room table in a whole new light.

5. Be active together. Try a couple’s yoga class (will make you extra limber, which has its benefits!), salsa lessons or any other activity that can give you and your spouse special time together.

6. Do something wild & crazy. Talk dirty, buy yourself some scandalous lingerie, go to a sex shop. Reunite as a couple, not just parents.

7. Remember, now that you are empty nesters- clothing is optional. When you get out of the shower feel free to prance around sans garments. The thrill of being naked and uninhibited can make for interesting developments….

8. Dinner can include skimpy lingerie (granted there is no hot oil involved). Watching your spouse prepare a hot meal for you in an even hotter outfit is an easy way to “stir the pot.”

Remember the time is now to reconnect with your spouse and spice up your sex life! Do not be afraid of the change that your children’s absence has brought- instead embrace it.

–Tianna Robinson