How to be the Best Wedding Guest

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‘Tis the season for weddings galore! It’s a wonderful time to share with friends and family. But there are a few things we must remember from the minute we get our invites in the mail to the bouquet toss and midnight dance party. Here are our tips on how to be the best guest.


The moment you get the invitation in the mail, decide if you will attend. If it’s out of town, look into hotels and travel and get back to the bride and groom immediately. This allows them to have a better idea of their numbers and costs moving forward. If you can’t attend, be honest with yourself. Last thing they want is to pay for your meal and have you decline when it’s too late to get the money back.



If the invitation is addressed to only you, then only you are invited. Don’t assume that you are able to bring a guest and don’t ask. Perhaps the bride and groom are financially strapped and can’t afford plus ones. If that’s the case, try to understand where they are coming from and arrive solo with a smile on your face.



Similar to having a plus one, if they’ve not written your children’s names, it is likely they are not invited. It is becoming more common for couples to not include children. This is does not mean they have anything against your child or anyone else’s. Generally the bride and groom would like their friends to enjoy themselves without having to look after their children all day and night. Or perhaps they have lots of friends and family with children, adding 30 more seats to their reception than they had planned for.


If the bride and groom have not given a dress code, always dress up a bit more. You’re better off looking pulled together and fabulous than dressed down and dull. They’ll appreciate you for putting in the effort. And for sake of tradition, try to avoid white and cream colours.

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Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony is about to begin. If you’re super early, you can always kill time at a local Tim Hortons. This leaves time for traffic woes and wardrobe malfunctions. If you’re late, do not walk into the ceremony. Wait until he’s kissed his bride before you join the other guests.


It’s nice to get a few great shots of the wedding party but don’t let the back of your phone or camera be the only thing the bride and groom see. They have photographers there to expertly get the perfect shot and will share that with you later. For now, they want to see your beaming face!


Just like before a movie or play, everyone would appreciate it if you would turn your ringer to silent and avoid checking text messages during the ceremony. The less distractions, the better!


If they didn’t do a receiving line, chances are they will make an effort to get around to you over the course of the evening. If they look overwhelmed with guests approaching them, give them some room and let the come to you later. There will be plenty of time to congratulate the newlyweds!


The champagne toasts can really sneak up on you, but take it easy. There is nothing worse and more embarrassing than a wedding guest who can’t hold their alcohol.