10 Dog Breeds That Make Ideal Retirement Companions

Some dog breeds can be a little high-maintenance. Here, we’ve rounded up the pups that would make the perfect companions in your retirement years.

Some dogs require meticulous grooming, expensive medications or frequent exercise, which can become cumbersome for some would-be pup owners. Luckily, we know of a few low-maintenance breeds that make excellent retirement pals!

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1. Mixed Breed


These dogs tend to be void of hereditary health defects and come in different shapes and sizes. The best option for those in retirement is adoption through a rescue or shelter, because the dog will have already passed behavioural exams.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier?! King?! Sure, their name sounds like they’d be high-maintenance. In reality, these dogs are the exact opposite. Cavaliers have mellow temperaments and are generally very sweet, reserved dogs. They don’t require much exercise, and their thick coats are mostly tangle-free. Although they require grooming every so often, they make amazing lap dog companions. An added bonus: Cavaliers are great with children! So it’s just another excuse to get the grandkids to come over for a visit.

3. Italian Greyhound


Much smaller than their legendary racing cousins, these pups are only slightly larger than your standard Chihuahua—but they weigh less than a handbag! They don’t require a lot of upper body strength from their owners, and most Italian Greyhounds sleep for more than 20 hours per day! During the time they’re awake, they’ll need a quick walk before their next nap. Also, shedding isn’t an issue as they don’t have any fur. So, no mess!

4. Standard Greyhound


This breed is much larger than Italian Greyhounds and they make beautiful companions for those looking for a larger dog. Similar to their Italian cousins, they sleep the majority of the day and require very little exercise. Standard Greyhounds make for incredible apartment dogs, as they’re usually calm and quiet. Although, they do love a good game of fetch!

5. Pug


Pugs, so long as they’re healthy, make fantastic companions. Since they can’t breathe very well due to their shortened snouts, they don’t require much exercise. Pugs would much rather spend their days lounging on the couch or going for a (very) short walk once a day. The downside is that pugs are often prone to health issues, but they’re still incredibly low-maintenance.

6. Welsh Terrier


These pups are ideal for retirees who still want to get outdoors and explore—Welsh Terriers tend to be more active than many of the other breeds mentioned in this list. They hardly ever shed, and are considered to be fairly low-allergenic.

7. French Bulldog


Similar to pugs, French Bulldogs are prone to health issues, but are otherwise easy to care for. They don’t eat much, and rarely require grooming. They’re also unable to participate in strenuous physical activities, and are usually best kept indoors with only 15 minutes of exercise per day.

8. Bichon Frise


These pups tend to be the most common canine companion for retirees, as their coats are hypo-allergenic, which means they rarely shed. These popular “purse dogs” require little physical exercise. They do, however, need to be groomed regularly and are known for having “eye gunk” or “tear stains” that need to be cleaned. Bichon’s tend to be quite timid, but it’s important that owners discourage frequent barking as they tend to have a reputation for “yapping.” However, they’re still low-maintenance compared to many other breeds.

9. Lhasa Apso


These lap dogs have a reputation for being very low-energy. These pups are master nappers, much like greyhounds, and enjoy hanging out with their companions indoors. Lhasas require some grooming, but are often found with shorter haircuts which reduce the risk of tangles. They’re happy going for short walks when the weather is cool, and love being carried around outside.

10. Yorkshire Terrier


In general, Terriers are considered high-maintenance compared to other dogs on this list, but their size makes them ideal furry companions for retirees. They require very little grooming as they don’t usually weigh more than 10 lbs, and are considered hypo-allergenic. Although they require daily exercise, they’re lower-energy dogs and a short walk is often enough to tire them out.

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