If winter is making you a shut-in – and who doesn’t prefer to snuggle up in a faux fur throw and Netflix to ’embracing the season’ in snow boots and 50 lb parka – that doesn’t mean you neglect your senses. Sure the aroma of baked bread is divine, but why not experiment with some new fragrances that might just awaken your inner-spring?  Better still – all three of these sassy scents travel; inside your purse, pocket or briefcase (yuck, work) so no need to leave them at home when you escape someplace warm or if you go from boardroom to cocktail hour. See, winter doesn’t have to stink.

Do Yourself a Solid: I’m in love with this adorable and oh-so-stylish egg-shaped solid perfume from Glossier. It’s got the substance of a paperweight and if placed in a evening clutch could be wielded as a pretty pink weapon. The uber trendy – and yes, youth oriented – brand refers to its fragrance as a “skin smell enhancer” and warns it is meant to be enjoyed up close  and not necessarily for others. “It doesn’t exactly wear or smell like a perfume…”  So what the heck is it? It’s a very light, clean and fresh scent with notes of ambrette, ambrox and musk. Think that first morning in spring when you finally crack open the windows to let a breeze blow into your bedroom. Yeah, that’s it. And did we mention it’s stylish? $29 Glossier.com

Fashion Fragrance: Leave to American designer Derek Lam, known for his take on cool modernity, to translate his chic simplicity in fashion to perfume. Enter Derek Lam 10 Crosby, his collection of five solid fragrance sticks. Each glides onto your skin smoothly, effortlessly and with a light touch of scent. I’m partial to the notes of honeysuckle and apple in Drunk on Youth, because, duh. $49 Available at Sephora.ca

Roller Blade: Now if you have more traditional tastes,  the latest from NEST – Wisteria Blue – is for you. But with a twist – it comes in a rollerball! With notes of French wisteria, Bulgarian rose and Imperial jasmine, this is a sexy floral! It’s the fragrance I’d reach for late at night, while illuminated by  flattering candle-light, as I sipped on a full-bodied Cabernet,  preferably next to Idris Elba. But I digress… $36 Available at Sephora.ca