For an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion line to achieve success, it truly helps to start with the fabric. If it’s soft to the touch and easy to wear, it’s a head start in winning over a fan base.

This was the approach used by Miik, a Toronto-based fashion brand founded in 2012 by husband and wife duo Michael Gaughan and Donna Smith. It was the utter softness of fabrics made from bamboo that convinced the couple it was possible to have a fashion brand that was not only eco-friendly but also made of materials which had a luxurious sensory appeal. The company uses sustainable fabrics with fibres from bamboo, corn and beech trees. Bamboo is one of the planet’s fastest growing plants and can grow without fertilizer, pesticides and very little water.

Taking it one step further on the eco-friendly scale, they also mill, dye and manufacture the materials in Toronto, which helps reduce their carbon footprint.

What makes Miik appealing to the Zoomer-aged — or anyone on the quest for clothes that travel well — is the simple fluid shapes and easy-to-wear sensibility. Also factor in some crafty reversible techniques and you get some pieces which can be worn multiple ways, giving you more bang for the buck. The ethos behind the label is clothes made to last and cherish for seasons – a direct rebuttal to modern society’s consumption of vast amounts of trendy, cheap and disposable clothing.

With Earth Day 2018 on April 22nd, it’s also a reminder of how we can adjust another aspect of our lifestyle — our wardrobes — to help reduce waste.

Check out our top picks from Miik’s spring collection on

This graphic print dress can work for a multitude of occasions. Dress it up with heels for a summer wedding or pair with sandals for casual nights when on vacation.

The Lulu off-the-shoulder dress, $175. 

Beat those sticky humid days of summer in a breezy tunic and fluid pants.

Long side slit tunic, $135 and tulip pants, $169.

This bright jewel toned dress is a perfect choice for evenings on a cruise ship but also polished enough for the office.

Two-layered dress, $189

This effortless looking top can be worn two ways. Throw on as a poncho (as seen above) or rotate it and it will have a different look with a solid panel in front and full sleeves.

Reversible poncho, $145. 

This deceptively simple looking A-line dress is actually four dresses in one. It can be worn inside out and back-to-front.

Four-in-One Dress, $175

Add layering to your style with this long vest. Throw over a dress or jeans and t-shirt. The long length also makes it ideal to wear with leggings if you want extra coverage over your hips or rear end.

Long vest, $155.