5 Spring Cleaning Tricks and Tips

It’s the season to throw out the old, bring in the new – make something old look new again! Here, some expert tips to help with your spring cleaning.



Can you remember the last time you replaced your pillows? If you have to think for a minute, that might mean it’s time to toss and replace them. The team at AspenClean says “pillows become a vehicle for critter feces and carcasses that are invisible to the eye. As a result, every time you flop down on it, you’re actually releasing the corpses into the air and inhaling them.”


Toss those mothballs, too. They contain carcinogens and “many mix napthalene with formaldehyde, which is the same ingredient to preserve dead tissue in the morgue.”


The easiest way to clean the microwave is by heating a bowl of water and then scrubbing the surface. The steam will loosen all of the food!


Critter problem? The team at AspenClean recommends using pepper powders like chilli and cayenne to get rid of them. If ants are your problem they say to try tea tree oil.


Putting on a fresh layer of paint? Put out a cup of vinegar and it will absorb the smell!