Zoomer-Friendly: Easy Footwear Removal with the Brass Beetle Bootjack

Boot season is here to get us through another fall and winter of rain, hail, slush and snow. But as practical as they are, boots can be a challenge to remove — all that bending, pulling and yanking can strain even a healthy back.

First, you have to find somewhere to sit down so you can pull them off. Or you bend over and struggle. This is when you might resort to calling upon your spouse, kids or grandkids — if they happen to be around — to lend a hand or two.

Call in the classic bootjack, often seen on ranches. Most bootjacks are simple and utilitarian looking. But we fell for this particular bootjack, a solid brass beetle that looks like a decor item when you leave it on the floor in your hallway or mud room. Added bonus: it’s also made in Canada.

Brass beetle bootjack, $54.50, www.leevalley.com