Zoomer-Friendly: Stylish Gloves with a Touchy-Feely Edge

Winters in Canada are long. We spend enough time outdoors that keeping our fingers warm isn’t just nice and cozy, it’s necessary. No one wants to lose a digit to frostbite!

In an era of Insta-this and Insta-that however, too often we’re on our phones texting, taking photos and posting to social media as we’re walking along the street, exposing our skin to the harsh elements.

The folks at Rudsak have designed a glove to ensure you don’t lose a step or a text as you keep warm. Christened “Gita,” these tailored ladies leather gloves ($125) are soft and lined with real rabbit fur for an immediate soft and silky feel.

The high cuff and buckled strap offer up a polished sophisticated look. But it’s the touch-feel finger tip and thumb that ups this glove’s game. We test drove Gita on a frigid Toronto street and we were able to nimbly continue our smart phone obsession without breaking stride.

And not to fret, Rudsak makes a men’s glove with the same touch-feel technology.

Men’s Cortes Leather Gloves, $135, Rudsak