6 Rain Gear Items to Make You Sing in the Rain

Photo: Silver Screen Collection / Contributor/Getty Images

Spring showers might be here but that is no reason to get into a damp and dour frame of mind. If Debbie, Frank and Donald made stomping through a downpour look like fun in Singin’ in the Rain, it helped that they were smartly attired for it. So grab a juicy coloured coat or neon hued hat and tell yourself sunny days are ahead.


Courtesy of Joe Fresh

Take your cues from Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor in the 1952 classic with a brightly coloured raincoat.  Joe Fresh offers a range of translucent plastic jackets in a variety of juicy jelly colours.

Jelly Jacket, $39, joefresh.com


Courtesy of Cougar Shoes

With today’s erratic weather patterns, these simple rubber flats are perfect to slip on when there’s a sudden downpour and compact enough to fit into your bag when the clouds part.

Waterproof rubber rain shoe with jersey lining, $50, cougarshoes.com

Courtesy of zara.com

A hat in traffic-stopping neon orange will get you noticed – for all the right reasons. Like when you’re crossing a busy street in misty rain or out for a walk on a wet night.

Rain Hat, $29.90, zara.com


Courtesy of swims.com

When there’s a downpour, slip a pair of rubber galoshes over your leather brogues or wingtips to protect them. But instead of choosing basic black or brown, why not opt for a camo print to confidently march through sidewalk puddles.

Camo print galoshes, $125, swims.com


Courtesy of zara.com

This X-large vinyl shopper makes for a great grocery bag but on wet days, toss your leather bag or briefcase inside to protect it from the elements.

XL Blue vinyl shopper bag, $79.90, zara.com


Rain umbrellas have come a long way from the days of Singin’ in the Rain.

Today, the design, technology and materials of umbrellas are constantly evolving, as companies compete to come up with a fail-proof and unbreakable umbrella. The inverted umbrella is a recent design which boast some useful features which goes beyond just offering a canopy for your head.

To begin with, the inverted umbrella closes from the inside-out (it closes away from you) so you don’t get the interior of your car or the front lobby of your home wet when you come in from the rain.  It also has a double canopy and it closes upside down into a cone shape which allows it capture all the excess water so you don’t drip or leave a puddle on the floor. The C-shape handle allows you to hook your forearm through, but keeps your hands and fingers free to text, use your cell phone or hang on to a bag.

For availability and price of The Inverted Umbrella, please telephone or consult www.robsbestfootforward.ca

Inverted umbrellas are also available at Amazon.ca.