Whatever the weather, we’re raring to garden and get our hands dirty — in the very best way!

Gardening counts as low-impact exercise, yes, but the benefits extend well beyond calorie burning. From relieving stress to reducing the risk of dementia to helping improve symptoms of depression, it’s a wellspring for overall wellness.

Here, 10 tools to help you help your garden grow.

Floral handle pruners and extendable pruners

1. Pruners: William Kilburn pruners, $24.50, www.indigo.ca; Adjustable pole pruners, $US34.95, www.ebay.ca 

Keeping edges clean and sharp also helps prevent rust and removes possible disease-laden soil particles. To remove rust, soak overnight in white vinegar. Tip: Keeping blades sharp improves cutting, which is easier on you and the plants. Try sharpeners made just for pruners.


Bluie and metal water hose nozzle

2. Orbit Max 8-Pattern Turret Nozzle, $24, www.lowes.ca

Why We Love It: The insulated ergonomic handle and trigger-less action is kind on hands. And with eight settings, from fine mist to power wash, we can’t imagine a watering chore it can’t handle — all with a slight of thumb (control lever).

Garden Tool Set with Chair

3. GreenWise 7 Piece Garden Tool Set, $20, www.walmart.ca

Why We Love It: It comes with five stainless steel tools, a folding stool and everything packs away into one bag. What’s not to love!

Bright yellow watering can

4. Geo Yellow Watering Can, $13, HomeSense

Why We Love It: A watering can pretty enough to be kept on display rather than hidden away. Plus, yellow is the colour most associated with happiness — something to consider when you’re picking annuals this year.

Ladder planter
5. Satsumas bamboo plant stand with five plant pots, $60, www.ikea.ca

Why We Love It: More plants, more better! Ideal for patio gardens and any small space.

Robot lawn mower

6. Robomow RS 635 Pro SX (www.robomow.com), $4,800, www.ebay.ca

Why We Love It: This robot lawn mower takes one more chore off your list. Set it (time, how often and even blade height) and forget it.

7. Rose pruning gloves, $72, www.amazon.ca

Why We Love Them: Protects hands and arms to the elbow from thorns and soil stains — in case getting dirty isn’t your forte.

8. Mcgregor Tool Butler (tools sold separately), $20, www.leevalley.ca

Why We Love It: Stop stooping and pop this stand into the ground wherever you need. Plus, the prongs give your soil a little auto-aeration.

Wire produce collecting basket

9. Maine Garden Hod, $69.50 (Large), $59.50 (Medium), www.leevalley.ca

Why We Love Them: Convenient for collecting the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour and also makes a great gift basket with which to share your bounty.

Ice cream maker ball

10. UCO Ice Cream Ball, $39, www.mec.ca

Why We Love It: Because who doesn’t love ice cream! Reward yourself or your helpers after the gardening is done. Simply put ice in one half and ingredients in the other then put the ball in play for 10 minutes for one pint of fresh ice cream. Happy gardening!