Meet the 84-Year-Old Japanese Grandfather Who Became an Overnight Instagram Fashion Star

Photo of the 84-Year-Old Japanese Grandfather, who became an Instagram star

Photo courtesy @slvr.tty/Instagram


It’s not unusual for style-savvy teenagers to gleefully browse and borrow clothing of bygone eras from their grandparents’ closets. But what’s truly unheard of is an 84-year-old grandfather wearing outfits from his much younger grandson’s wardrobe of high fashion labels.

Tetsuya is a retired teacher who lives in Akita Prefecture in Japan where his grandson, Naoya Kudo, recently came for a week-long visit. As a lark, the fashion-obsessed grandson dressed up Tetsuya in some of his designer garb and took some photos which he posted on an Instagram account he created for his grandfather.

Proudly posing in looks from Givenchy, Martin Margiela and Off White – some of the most coveted menswear labels worn in international capitals – the photos have since gone viral. In just over a month, this grandpa has become an overnight fashion star on Instagram (@ slvr.tty) with 108K followers.


Kudo told Buzzfeed News his grandfather was very enthusiastic and gave quite a bit of input, including where they should shoot.


He told the news outlet they shot the photos in fields and beaches, around the family home and also at the school where Tetsuya had taught.

Kudo also wanted to show his granddad doing all his usual activities, such as gardening as seen here, wearing Martin Margiela cleft-toe boots. The grandfather also left on his muscle pain patches – a touch of reality to this fashion fantasy photo shoot.

Kudo also mentioned his relatives’ reaction. “The rest of the family went wild when they first saw him dressed up.”

The Instagram account has also garnered the attention of some of the designers, who applaud the looks.

“It’s quite a transformation to see my rural grandpa, who has no interest in fashion, in outfits he would never consider wearing on his own,” Kudo added.


But with his gentle face and nonchalant stance, Tetsuya looked rather at ease in some of these avant-garde streetwear looks.

If anything, it confirms the notion that fashion can be nothing more than playing dress-up and can be worn by anyone, regardless of their age.


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