Zoomer-Friendly: The Bellroy Unisex Sling Bag for Your Next Trip

The unisex sling bag from bellroy.

Photo: Courtesy of Bellroy.com

You’ve found the perfect suitcase for your vacation but what about that bag you’ll need to carry around your everyday essentials when out and about exploring? A tote is chic but having to hold it all day long is like an anchor on your arms. A small backpack can be useful, but face it, after a couple of hours it can feel burdensome — especially in hot weather.

Courtesy of Bellroy.com

The Goldilocks solution might very well be the nifty sling bag from Bellroy.  This Australian accessories brand creates travel products with the belief that people with wanderlust should have smart, practical and easy ways to carry their belongings. From travel wallets to backpacks, each Bellroy design is carefully considered to address the needs of the globetrotter.

Courtesy of Bellroy.com

It might look small but their unisex sling bag packs a wallop of useful features. You can wear it three ways — across your chest, across your back or on your shoulders. When it sits comfortably against your chest, it’s a gentle reminder your bag is with you at all times – and not out of your range of vision. And your hands are free — to gesticulate, if you haven’t mastered the local language.

Courtesy of Bellroy.com

Whether you get the leather version or woven material, the sling is designed to comfortably expand or compress — according to how much you want to stuff inside. You can surprisingly stuff a lot into that small bag, judging from the above photo. It also has a soft lined pocket which is useful to hold fragile items like eyewear or your cell phone.

Courtesy of Bellroy.com

And if you’re that person who can never find your keys in the depths of your bag, the sling has a built-in strap to attach your key ring.

This is no ordinary fanny pack. It’s a deluxe upgrade.

The sling is available in several colourways at bellroy.com for $119 CDN. Each Bellroy product is backed by a three year warranty.