Zoomer-Friendly: Olang, The Winter Boots That Grip

Think snow tires for your feet. A good winter boot is a necessity—not just for warmth, but for traction and grip. Photo: Courtesy of Olang

No matter the forecast, every Canadian knows that when it comes to winter, it pays to be properly prepared. The cold weather months can make a simple walk outdoors a dangerous thing—particularly for seniors—with melting snow, icy patches and slippery slush. This is where a good winter boot is a necessity—not just for warmth, but for traction and grip. Think snow tires for your feet.

Despite being made in Italy, Olang boots seem a perfect fit for our harsh Canadian winters. Besides offering all those must-have features — waterproof, breathable, warmth and not too heavy — the boots have a unique feature on the soles: A set of foldable cleats made of stainless steel that offer extra grip on slippery surfaces.

The cleats swivel or fold-over depending on the conditions on the ground. If it’s all clear of snow and ice, flip the cleats over to avoid walking around with the clicking sound of steel on concrete. The boots also have an insulating insole made of wool and covered with reflective aluminum film. This innersole is removable for those winter days where it might not feel so frigid.

Perhaps because they are Italian, the boots are not only practical and comfortable but stylish, too.

Available for men, women and children. For a retail location close to you, visit their website.


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