A consumer version of Windows

Microsoft is testing a new version of Windows designed specifically for the consumer and home user. Code named "Millennium", the new operating system is scheduled for release (when else?) next year. Microsoft hopes to capture the business segment of the market (from small business right up to large corporate networks) with the new "Windows 2000" system, set to ship by the end of December.

According to Microsoft, Millennium addresses the main problem faced by current Windows users: the operating system is just too complex. And among other things, Millennium will link your personal computer to the growing number of "digital devices" turning up in the home.

Microsoft is also recognizing the fact that home users have different needs and expectations, namely inexpensive machines that can handle rich graphics for games, high quality audio, and fast Internet browsing. Like the Jetsons, we’ll also want our computer to be able to link with other computers, stereos, televisions and various electronic gear. Computer makers have asked Microsoft for an operating system that can do all these wonderful things and still be based on standard technology th will work with existing machines.

The most exciting thing about the planned features is a concept that we can all appreciate: "It Just Works." This revolutionary (for the computer world, at least) idea is that the computer performs from the moment it’s turned on, without confusing the user. It would also be able to diagnose problems and fix itself, and literally run "right out of the box". If that goal is met, Millennium will be some aptly-named software.<!–

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