A mouse click makes a donation

One of the most innovative Internet ideas that won’t make anyone a pile of money is The Hunger Site, a website that lets you make donations to help feed the world’s poorest people with a mere click of your mouse.

When you visit the Hunger Site and click on the “Donate Free Food” button, the site’s server adds your food donation to the day’s totals and sends you a “Thank You For Your Donation” page, which shows you the name of the sponsor or sponsors who pay for your donation. There is absolutely no charge to you for the donation, as it is fully paid for by the sponsors who get their marketing message in front of you in return.

The donated food is distributed through the United Nations World Food Program, the world’s largest food aid organization, with projects in 80 countries. The relief organization selects the most appropriate food to distribute in any given country or situation. Rice, wheat, and maize are the most common choices, being the staple foods for most of the world’s population.

As an article in the Washington Post notes, “think of all the time you spend clicking aimlessly or fruitlessly around the Web. At the Hunger Site, one click actually accolishes something: It sends a serving of food to a starving person, at no cost to you. Corporate sponsors provide the food in exchange for free advertisements and links.”

Since its June 1, 1999 start-up, The Hunger Site has sent enough money to purchase 4 million servings dietary staples. Make a visit to the site a daily habit, and do your bit for world hunger.