A new look for AltaVista Canada

AltaVista Canada unveiled a dramatic new look yesterday, along with a structure designed to deliver direct and easy paths to relevant Canadian and global sites. The new site is visually "cleaner" and uses fewer graphics to offer quicker response and easier navigation. It also offers users one-click access to search results based on six specialty searches: Canada-only, world, news, government, agriculture and health.

The competition for Canadian-based search engines is heating up, as surfers get annoyed with search sites that simply assume the user is American. The marketplace is reacting. In the past twelve months, the AltaVista Canada index has grown by more than 25 per cent to include an additional 5 million new Canadian pages. This brings the total number of pages in the Canadian index to more than 25 million Canadian pages. AltaVista says this makes it the Canadian web page index champ.

"We are raising the search technology bar in terms of Canadian-specific index size, relevancy of results and index freshness," says Sandro Berardocco, AltaVista Canada Manager.

Among other features, the site has a comprehensive directory of Canadian and global webtes, organized by categories ranging from Arts & Culture to Shopping to Travel and Tourism. Some categories contain Canada-specific information, such as Bed & Breakfast.