A new patch for Windows 95

Users of Windows 95 will be happy to know that Microsoft will release a “patch” next week which will solve any and all Y2K compliance problems that the operating program may have had. (A patch is a short program which users can run and automatically update their systems.) Until the release of this new patch, Microsoft had listed Windows 95 as “Y2K compliant, with minor issues.” If you have already used a previous patch, it is still advisable to get the latest version next week at www.microsoft.com.

Microsoft points out that the latest patch allows users to be fully Y2K compliant without upgrading their entire system to a new operating program such as Windows 98. The company has also released other new tools to help customers deal with Y2K. The Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer and the Microsoft Year 2000 Product Guide Workbook are designed to help customers inventory Microsoft products and take the right action to be safe next year. Like the Windows 95 patch, these programs are available free of charge on the company’s website.