A spring cleaning for Windows

With the arrival of the new Windows 98 computer operating system imminent (some say June) it may be time for many of us to finally learn the ins and outs of Windows 95. Like the vast majority of computer users, you probably found Windows 95 very frustrating at first, but learned to live with its shortcomings, and now find it, well, adequate. The fact is, Windows 95 can be customized extensively and will do a lot more than the manuals tell you.

While the computer geniuses at Microsoft have been busy for the past three years making Windows 95 obsolete, skilled users working in the real world have spent a lot of time and effort to find out how to drag the convenience and ease of operation out of their computer. They’re more than willing to share their insights for free at the websites listed below, and can provide you with a multitude of tips and tricks to make your computer work the way you want it to.

Both sites list dozens of examples of things that Microsoft says can’t be done, and then explain how to do them. For example, are you getting just a little tired of the screen that says “It’s safe to turn off your computer now”? It can easily be changed, to whatever mesge and graphic you want, even though Microsoft says it can’t. Would you like to rename the “Recycle Bin” to a more accurate “Trash” or “Garbage”? They say you can’t, but you can!