All about film

The net is full of information on film and entertainment, much of it either useless or completely commercial. (listed below) is different, offering the perfect combination of information (unbiased) supported by a reasonable amount of advertising and commercial tie-ins.

The site features up to the minute reviews of latest film releases, and includes obscure (and old) movies often absent from the large commercial sites. A section entitled "Sound Track Cinema" lets you listen to The Sound of Music once again (through RealAudio), while "Cinefile" offers its own critiques of "official" movie websites. also has a forum for consumers’ opinions, where you can air your views on current and past movies. A handy TV movie guide lists everything playing on the U.S. networks each week. A videodata base lets you search for reviews of 30,000 titles, to ensure that the movie you’re renting really is suitable for home viewing.