Are you searching for a lost love?

Remember the girl you never had the nerve to ask out in high school? Or the guy in university you watched from afar? If you’re still thinking about them after all these years, you may want to invest some time in using a free service from Hallmark.

A recent survey found that 40 percent of Canadians have “pledged to make extra efforts to communicate with friends, family and old acquaintances around the millennium.” Sensing an excellent marketing opportunity, Hallmark Canada is playing cupid and helping Canadians re-connect with someone special from their past from now until February 14.

“We are encouraging all Canadians to send us the name of the person you are searching for,” says Roger Baranowski, of Hallmark Canada. “Then, if that special someone is also searching for you, Hallmark will re-unite the two of you with a heart-felt letter and information on how to re-connect.”

Not the best odds, but you never know unless you try. To find your “lost love”, friend or relative, pick-up a form at any Hallmark card retailer or one of their 300 stores across Canada. Submit the name of the person you wish to re-connect with by February 14, 2000 to any Hallmark store or emaiit to [email protected]

Valentine’s Day is the second-largest “card-sending occasion” after Christmas and ahead of Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day. Approximately 40 million valentines will be exchanged this year.