Ask Gitta: how can I prepare my home to sell it?

Question: I am thinking of selling my home in the Spring and would like to “freshen” it with paint. I heard that there are now different types of paint available for different area of the home. Since I am on a limited budget this seems like the most economical way of renovating to showcase my home. Am I on the right track?


Well, paint is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of enhancing your home for showings. Today, there are paints available for specific use eg. Bathtubs and sinks, appliances, tiled walls and floors, wood and concrete.

Before you begin your project, visit a paint dealer and discuss the kind of material you plan to paint, its condition and result you want to see. There are so many paints on the market, you want to make sure you get the right one. A paint that’s good for interior woodwork, for instance, is not necessarily good for wood floors or outside wood trim.

While a fresh coat of paint can easily transform the appearance of a room or cupboard or piece of furniture, you can expect all flaws to be concealed. Remember, painting requires good surface preparation and cleaning before you begin your project. Start filling in all the holes and cracks with the apropriate filler, then sand the surface with a fine sandpaper. Wipe all surfaces and make sure that they are dust free before applying the paint.

Because of the high moisture in bathrooms and kitchens, use enamel rather than a flat paint for walls and woodwork. The enamel surface is also easier to clean.

For bathtubs and ceramic tiles (which are exposed constantly to water), epoxy paints will hold better.

In basements, a latex masonry paint is good for concrete walls and floors. Use heat resistant enamels on any surface that gets hot, such as metal pipes.

For the outdoor of your home, paint designed the withstand the weather is definitely what you’re looking for.

Have fun painting!

Gitta Levi, Associate Broker, Century 21 Heritage Group
‘Specializing in the needs of Seniors’