Bank launches web ‘mall’

The Royal Bank has moved into the online shopping world, with one of Canada’s largest on-line shopping directories. On-line shoppers can go to a single site for access to more than 250 Canadian merchants. Credit card transactions at the site are being processed through Royal Bank.

“This is an opportunity to bring Royal Bank’s merchant clients together with shoppers and provide a one-stop on-line shopping experience that is safe and convenient,” says Frank Moore, Royal Bank V.P. “With this on-line merchant directory, we hope to reverse the trend that sees almost two thirds of Canadians turning to the U.S. for their on-line purchases.”

Those shopping for almost anything online (flowers, books, gifts, CDs, electronics, travel, computers, clothing, pet food, home and garden accessories, even survival gear) can find Canadian suppliers easily at one site. A donations section also links generous shoppers to 12 Canadian non-profit groups.

“This on-line merchant directory promotes our Canadian site to Canadians,” says Cellie Gonsalves, owner of “It levels the playing field and helps eliminate the advantage that big business has over small business on the Iernet today.”

Find Royal Bank’s Shopping On-line Directory at and click on Shopping On-line. For information on how to participate in the directory or to register, merchants can visit a link to Royal Bank’s Merchant Resource Centre.