Bigger than the Y2K challenge!

While millions of people scrambled to hoard canned goods and batteries in anticipation of the big event Friday, a group of Silicon Valley visionaries have identified a far more serious problem: What will we call the next decade?

A self-styled “leader in naming new decades”, was founded by Web veterans Ali Partovi, Sanjay Madan, and Alan Shusterman, who say they are dedicated to solving this “taxonomic issue of millennial proportions”. According to co-founder Partovi, “the past few decades have been a snap. We had the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties. But the millennium poses a problem bigger than clocks running backwards.”

They have a point, as nobody knows yet what the next decade will be called. “And time is running out!” adds Mr. Partovi. ( allows you to pick a name from a long list: the “Naughties,” the “Y2Ks,” the “Millies,” the “Singles,” and more. You can also suggest a new name if you’re not satisfied with the dozens of existing choices.

“We didn’t think it would be right for media bigwigs or some government entity to dide this one,” says co-founder Sanjay Madan. “This word will be used in day-to-day conversations by billions of people around the world. Its important that those people have a say in picking the name.”

We say “amen” to that. Personally, the “naughties” has the least appeal of the names on the company’s list, with the “aughts” winning my vote. Visit the website today and cast your ballot before the new era begins and a bad choice is cast in stone for eternity!