BusinessWeek for those bored by business

This week’s issue of BusinessWeek is of particular interest to those who are interested in both retirement issues and the Internet. The magazine’s cover story is entitled simply How to Retire, and 14 related stories cover practically everything: how to build and manage your nest egg, a BusinessWeek/Harris Poll on retiree attitudes, Web sites for seniors, technologies that make later life easier, the best places to retire, finding adventure in travel, keeping in shape, and planning for a second career.

Of course, the stories are written from an American perspective, so a lot of specific financial advice won’t apply to Canadians. The balance of the coverage provides a lot of information and food for thought for retirees and (about-to- retirees) from any country. A commentary from former President Jimmy Carter, who has made retirement an art, rounds out the coverage.

The magazine also has an extensive (if somewhat enthusiastically titled) section on the Internet. “How the Internet works: all you need to know” examines the reasons why U.S. government officials (“trustbusters”) are starting to worry about who actually controls the Internet. Other Intern stories look at Microsoft, American On-Line, and building your own browser. All in all, an issue of BusinessWeek that offers a lot for those who aren’t usually concerned with commodity prices and the latest machine tool order stats.