Canada’s net radio takes a leap is now “on the air”, streaming CD-quality radio with local and national news and information from 50 Internet radio stations in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Each of the 50 Internet radio stations features professionally selected music in a specific format, and choices range from Top 40 to jazz to classical. Listeners simply visit the website, choose their city (for local news, etc), and select the type of music they want.
Local information provided by each station includes live traffic reports, AccuWeather, TV listings, maps and directions and other information specific to the local communities. Each website provides continuously updated local and national news and sports.

Listeners can access any of these features without interrupting their audio stream, from anywhere in the world.
New audio technology
Using the latest audio streaming technology and the free Windows Media Player (, each of’s stations offers innovative features such as:
· No commercials until October (and, they clm, limited commercials  later)
· The name and artist for the current song
· “Pause a song” for a minute or an hour and resume at the note you left
· “Next selection”, tells you what artist is up next
· “Skip to the next song” lets you jump immediately to hear the next song
· One step “click and purchase” the current CD

Since it is not “broadcast” media, is not regulated by the CRTC. The company says this will actually help it promote Canadian artists who can’t break into the tightly formatted world of commercial radio.
“Traditional radio, as we know it today, is going to decline and eventually disappear,” says Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg. “But not the concept of radio — of listening to audio content as a pleasant way of passing the time.”