Chess to get international media coverage

For over a century, two of the most prominent universities in the world have held a competition to determine which institution contains the best chess players. This year, new technology will make the old rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford even more interesting, as a company called MSO Worldwide joins forces with the former World Computer Chess Champion program “Fritz” to give live coverage.

The live coverage will also have a live person, as “Fritz” will be joined in the commentary box by human chess Grandmaster Julian Hodgson. Mr Hodgson’s play by play commentary will be seen and heard by the site’s visitors thanks to video and audio streaming technology.

“Live reporting on the internet is something our users have definitely wanted to see,” said MSO’s President David Levy. “It is our intention to report on many more games in this fashion. We’d like to see it become a necessity rather than a trend.”

Chess buffs will have to get up early to watch the match live. The Cambridge/Oxford match will be broadcast from the MSO Worldwide web site on March 4, starting at , 7:30 am EST. The contest should run about six hours, a little longer than a rowing match.&l;/>