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Volunteers and the agencies that really need them are often difficult to match up. A new service, the Volunteer Opportunities Exchange (VOE), is changing all that, using the Internet to match skills and needs. Clicking their way to a meaningful volunteer experience, Canadian volunteers are being matched up electronically with agencies in need.

“The VOE has revolutionized volunteering as we know it,” says Paddy Bowen, executive director of Volunteer Canada, the key developer of the VOE. “Over seven million Canadian volunteers can now go on-line and find the volunteer position that they want. This is good news for Canada’s 175,000 non-profit organizations.”

It’s a simple process. Volunteers register on the VOE, providing a profile of their skills and interests. Agencies fill out a similar registration, detailing their volunteer positions. The VOE makes the match. Privacy measures ensure the supplied information is secure.

The VOE site was launched in April, 1999. Since October, the VOE has developed a national network with over 16,700 distinct users and 6,000 potential matches have been made. If you’re eager to volunteer your time and skills, register at the site lted below. The VOE is also looking for “virtual volunteers” who can help out charities by working on-line. See the website for details.

Special Note:There are also volunteer opportunites right here on We need volunteers to moderate discussion forums and host chat groups. If you are interested or would like more information, visit The Volunteer Center from our Community section.