Coles notes grow up

Did those friendly black and yellow stripes help you through school? Many of us may not admit it freely, but Coles Notes have been used by generations of Canadian students over the past 50 years. Recognizing the potential and demand for condensed information in today’s society, Chapters has published a new series of The Notes for adults.

The new series covers a variety of topics, such as how to write a business letter, guides to kids sports, estate planning, starting a small business and language primers for travelers. While the covers have a different look than the traditional Coles Notes, the new books have enough of the familiar bumblebee stripes to reveal their origins.

The new notes take the same approach as the student publications: useful, straightforward, concise books with the essential answers. The difference is in the topics, which appeal to a much broader and larger adult audience.

In addition to the current language, business, sports and investment guides, Chapters will soon add three new categories covering parenting, health and gardening. The new Coles Notes cost $6.95 and are available at Coles, Chapters, SmithBooks and the Wor’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto.