Design home renovations online

The days of sketching and erasing floor plans are over. There’s also no need for tiny replicas of appliances, cabinets or furniture to visualize your design ideas. PBS-TV host Bob Vila, who calls himself ‘America’s preeminent authority on home improvement’, has set up a website where you can design your next new kitchen, bathroom or rec room, and view the results in three dimensions.
“Our latest technology enables people to lay out and adjust the dimensions of their floor plan, and insert windows, doors, electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures,” says Bob. “Once they’re satisfied with the basic shape of the room, they can position cabinetry, lighting, appliances and more. Best of all, they can use our new 3-D technology to visualize the room from most every angle imaginable.”

Fun, prevents mistakes
In addition to being a lot fun, the 3-D design-and-visualization tool can help prevent costly mistakes. For example, it won’t allow windows to be placed too close to the point where walls meet, nor will it allow cabinets to be hung over an island in the kitchen. It automatically positions plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets in theest locations, and uses icons (for appliances, etc) that are dimensionally correct.
Software that offers similar features for the home computer user has been available for years, but Vila’s online (and free) version allows the home renovator to try out some ideas without spending a penny. For those who just want to see ‘what if we did this to the kitchen’ plans without making any financial commitment, the website is very useful.

It also offers a complete library of home reno tips and techniques.