Find an old friend – online

When David McCracken, 53, came across an old high school yearbook, he spent a pleasant afternoon reminiscing about his old gang of friends.  That evening, he sat down at his computer to see if he could track any of them down.“I couldn’t believe how fast I could get information about people,” says Dave, “I just guessed that they would still be in the same province and soon I had a list of numbers to try.”

Finds friends
Dave found one friend’s e-mail address right away, through the university where his friend had worked for many years. The second friend required a few phone calls. But he found a relative who was happy to pass on his friend’s number. The three old friends are now planning a trip together.

The Internet has opened up a whole new way to connect with people, via chat lines and through e-mail. But it’s also become a tool for reconnecting with old friends and even family members.   

Here are a few of the ways that you can conduct your own search for a lost pal:

These site provide a person’s street address and phone number. They work like a phone book for the entire country. So it’s a good idea to narrow down your search as much as possible before starting, or you can end up with literally thousands of results.

You can also search for people through university records or interests. 

If you’ve lost track of someone’s last name (perhaps through marriage), you still can find them based on what you do know.

And don’t forget about word of mouth. On the chat rooms, members have found their cousins or friends online by posting in our lost friends forum or by chatting with people. 

For all its variety, the Internet can still be a small world.

Dave’s advice?  “Just go ahead and try plugging that name in,” he says, “There’s an incredible amount of free information out there.”  

If you’ve found a lost friend or relative over the Internet, please  post your story in our lost friends forum. We’ll read through your posts and tell you about the most interesting stories at a later date.