Finding green stuff online

When you’re seeking ‘green solutions’ or a point of view on environmental issues, the Net can be your virtual library. There are many Canadian sites featuring information on many different environmental topics. For instance:

  • Composting-all the frequently asked questions and much more on a site sponsored by the New Brunswick provincial government
  • Landscaping for wildlife in your own backyard-a step by step guide from the National Wildlife Federation
  • Environmental laws and policies in Canada-from the Environmental Law Association.

List of sites
Here’s the list of useful links for online environmental information and activities:  –The National Wildlife Federation site features a step-by-step guide for planning your landscape with wildlife in mind and includes instructions for backyard habitats and designing a pond, a march and a ‘toad abode’. –A ton of information about composting can be found here. How to start, wt to use, ways to use it, activities for kids and FAQs are also included.  –The Canadian Environmental Law Association’s site lists environmental laws and policies.  –B.C.’s FarmFolk-CityFolk is a non-profit society promoting the benefit of locally grown foods using environmentally friendly farming practices. –The site for Dr. David Suzuki’s foundation includes a weekly article by Suzuki as well as listing of current issues, projects and volunteer opportunities. –Environmentally minded games are the priority of this site, including such games as “Shrink the landfill”. You’re given $50,000 to try and reduce trash by 10 per cent-and a quiz on identifying the “greenness” of your home. –Online shopping for eco-friendly products. –Greenpeace’s site features updates about current campaigns as well as a page just for kids and info for the would-be activist. –The World Wildlife Fund’s Canadian site features an informative quiz about the size of your ecological footprint-your effect on the environment-practical tips to help reduce it, as well as links for more ideas. A monthly photo gallery is a “don’t miss” feature. –Geared to kids, this site is all about B.C.’s Fraser River and includes various activities and reports as well as a teacher file-the site’s guide for teachers and parents. –Western Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded, wilderness preservation organization focuses on action to help save forests and endangered species. –Ducks Unlimited Canada’s site includes geese tracking. Pick one and receive updates on the bird’s progress. As well, there are issues of Conservator magazine and provincial listing of upcoming events. –This comprehensive list of web links is billed as the earth’s largest environment search engine.