Garden tips for small spaces

If a lack of green space makes you think you’ll never have gardening grandeur, think again.

The Netherland Flower Bulb Information Centre offers advice for anyone who wants to create an impressive garden in a small space such as a balcony, terrace or backyard patio.

Expand garden space

  • Cover up
    Take a critical look at balcony railings and around patio walkways. If you need to hide unsightly areas, choose containers and plants accordingly. Trail climbing plants up and along railings to extend the green of your oasis.
  • Create illusion
    A well-placed mirror on a patio or balcony gives the feeling of twice as many plants.
  • Try something new
    In a container garden, you can have new plants every year. For brilliant colour, pot up some dahlias, gladioli and calla lilies. For something different, plant multi-coloured Trigridia.
  • Control clutter
    When creating your outdoor space, select the right amount and size of furniture. Don’t leave four chairs out if you only serve dinner for two; they’ll take up ecious space.
  • Mix and match
    To break up lots of green, try adding some white flowers. For a punch, add pots in a colour that matches your seat cushions.
  • Wheels work
    Large pots on wheels will save your back the strain of lifting and lugging. At the very least, a large container placed on a child’s wagon is mobile, easy to work with and adds an element of whimsy to your terrace.

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