Gifts in more ways than one

Looking for a gift that not only expresses your appreciation for the recipient but has a conscience?  Eco-gifts can also bring a smile to teen grandchildren, or to the family member that truly has it all.  

What’s more, you don’t need to look past your computer screen. No lineups – and no gasoline emissions on your way to the mall.  Here are a few gifts available online that will continue to give long past the holiday season.

World Land Trust

Since 1989, the World Land Trust has helped save over 300,000 acres of threatened wildlife habitat worldwide. You can buy an acre of rainforest in Ecuador, or wilderness in Patagonia.  You’ll get a personalized gift certificate, as well as two newsletters a year.

Trans-Canada Trail

You can help build theTrans Canada Trail. Each metre costs $50, which includes the permanent inscription of the me of anyone you choose on the Trail in the Province or Territory of their choice. You also receive a certificate, and your donation is even tax-deductible.

Tree Canada Foundation

These Tree Seed Kits are perfect stocking stuffers. The kits are inexpensive – $1.50 – and contain everything needed to start a tree, including starting instructions and how to transplant outdoors.

WWF Canada Wildlife Adoptions

WWF-Canada offers wildlife “adoptions” where your contribution helps to find research and advocacy in preserving habitat for wildlife. Each adoption provides a kit with a plush toy, adoption certificate, and report.

For a more comprehensive list of charity gift items available online, check out Charity Village’s gift guide at the link below: