Global march against child labour

It may be surprising to a lot of people, but children younger than some of our grandchildren continue to perform back-breaking work. According to International Labour Organization estimates, a quarter of a billion children are working around the world. Many labour in hazardous conditions, weaving carpets, polishing diamonds, handling explosive fireworks, or in coffee, tea and sisal plantations.

Canadian children are taking an active stance in this situation. Canadian child labour activist Craig Kielburger is going to Calcutta next week, where he has been invited to address the Calcutta portion of the Global March Against Child Labour rally on March 11. He will be accompanied by other child activists from Saskatchewan and Ontario, ranging in age from 12 to 17.

The Global March began in the Phillippines in January, in Brazil in February and moves to South Africa and India in March, and North America in May. It winds up in Geneva, June 1 where the International Labour Organization representatives will be looking at strengthening the convention calling for an end to child labour. To see what you can do to help end this world-wide shame, visit the website listed below.